6 Ideal Things to Do in Scandinavia with Your Family in 2024

Northern Lights, Midnight Sun, Husky sledging, and visiting opulent castles are big enough hints that you are planning a holiday with Scandinavia Tour Packages. Scandinavia is the northern part of Europe and consists of Norway, Sweden as well as Denmark. Sometimes the Nordic countries Finland and Iceland are also included because of their cultural and historical context.

The beauty of these stunning places lies in the natural wonders such as magnificent fjords, crystal-clear waters, and greenery allowing the visitors to find solace in the serenity and the grandeur of the surroundings. Some of the best options available to capture these beauties in your cameras besides adventure activities are boat cruises and train rides.

Watch the Northern Lights, Norway

To watch the northern lights is one solid good reason to travel to Norway with the Scandinavian Honeymoon Packages. The Aurora Borealis as they are known are best viewed in Tromso, Norway. It is encompassed by majestic fjords, mighty peaks, and alluring islands but it is the Northern lights that steal the thunder from other attractions.  

This natural phenomenon is caused by the celestial bodies as the solar particles get trapped in Earth’s magnetic field. These flickering lights and swaying lights with shades of red, purple, and green cast magic on the Arctic sky.

Explore the Tivoli Gardens, Denmark

Located in the heart of Copenhagen is the fun-filled amusement park which has been on the wish list of many travellers Tivoli Gardens. The park has been functional since 1843 and offers thrilling rides to ride, and captivating gardens to explore making it perfect for families to spend a day together.

The park has a total of twenty-five attractions, with four roller coasters and two water rides. Tivoli is known for its iconic wooden roller coaster the “Rutschebanen “but some call it The Mountain Coaster. It was built in 1914 and is still operational as an operator controls the ride. Ride “The Demon” which is another roller coaster with a vertical loop, a zero-G roll, and an Immelmann loop.

And the younger visitors can have fun as they can ride carousels and fairy-tale-inspired rides. Besides the exciting rides, visitors can enjoy exploring the landscaped gardens teeming with vibrant flowers, ponds, and fountains perfect for strolls and family picnics. The park also hosts many cultural events like concerts and becomes a shimmering wonderland as the sun goes down.

Boat Tour at Stockholm Archipelago, Sweden

As beauty lies everywhere the zenith is scaled by the Stockholm Archipelago as it is sprawled across the Baltic Sea and has a total of near about twenty thousand islands. It is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts as they can indulge in activities like kayaking, sailing, and fishing to appreciate the beauty of the coastline.

To revel in the beauty of the Stockholm Archipelago embark on a boat tour as you glide across the crystal-clear waters aboard a cosy and comfortable cruise ship. The tour takes the passengers around many islands and the guides onboard narrate stories about the history of the area.


The boat tour presents a different perspective of the city as you pass historical lighthouses, fishing villages, and secluded beaches. Keep your eyes open and cameras ready as you might spot seals enjoying an afternoon siesta on a rocky outcrop or sea eagles flying overhead.

Marvel the sculptures at Vigeland Sculpture Park, Oslo

One of the most famed attractions of Oslo is the Vigeland Sculpture Park. The park showcases more than two hundred sculpted masterpieces crafted by Gustav Vigeland. The sculptures displayed in this “open art gallery” are made of granite, wrought iron, and bronze showcasing the various stages in life.

The most notable and easily recognizable sculpture is – the centrepiece “The Monolith” which is a tall standing granite column adorned with human figures tangled in a mesmerizing spiral. The Wheel of Life is a bronze sculpture that was modeled in 1933-34 and was erected in 1949. Designed as a rotating wreath of women, men, and children holding each other for an eternity. “Sinnataggen (The Angry Boy) is one of the iconic sculptures and often features on postcards of Oslo.

Frederiksborg Castle ,Hillerod

Located in Hillerod Denmark is the Frederiksborg Castle and dates back to the seventeenth century. This opulent castle is a fine example of Renaissance architecture and was commissioned by King Christian IV. It once served as the royal residence of the Danish monarchs and is renowned for its magnificent architecture, gorgeous gardens, and collection of art and artifacts.


As you step inside the castle you are left awestruck with its magnificent rooms, decorated with wood carvings, paintings, and tapestries displaying the finesse of craftsmanship of the bygone era. Another highlight of the castle is the Museum of National History as it preserves portraits, artefacts, and art pieces showcasing centuries-old Danish history.

Ice Hotel, Jukkasjarvi

Situated in the far northern region of Sweden in Jukkasjarvi is the Ice Hotel. Constructed from ice and snow procured from the nearby Torne River, it offers a unique experience, as the rooms available vary from cosy chambers to suites carved out with minute detail.

Though it has a chilly appearance the temperature of the hotel is maintained at -5 degrees Celsius to – 8 degrees Celsius and it is possible through its innovative techniques of insulation. Guests are provided with warm clothes and sleeping bags for a comfortable stay.

Conclusion: A family vacation to the Scandinavian destinations provides a myriad of fun-filled and enchanting experiences. The natural phenomena of the Northern Lights “lights up “ your trip and the visit to a Danish castle provides you with an enchanting experience and an insight into rich history and culture. And there is no dearth of outdoor activities that bring out a different perspective of the region making the trip a cherished memory.

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