Must-See Dinner Shows in Pigeon Forge for an Unforgettable Evening

Evenings at Pigeon Forge are magical, and there are many dinner shows to take your pick from. The combination of unlimited entertainment and yummy fare is all you need to make your night at the Smoky Mountains unforgettable. You just have to book your tickets for the best dinner shows in Pigeon Forge early to avoid disappointment and have the best night with your friends and family.

At Pigeon Forge, as a country music fan, you may enjoy country singers regaling you. Guests can enjoy rock-and-roll music and other genres at the different venues at Pigeon Forge, too. Whether you prefer comedy shows, live music, or magic tricks, this lively entertainment destination has something for everybody.

From acrobats to comedians to ventriloquists to magicians, there are many talented artists to watch out for. Come to Pigeon Forge with your family for a fun time that will keep you returning for more!

Dolly Parton’s Stampede:

Dolly Parton’s Stampede dinner show at Pigeon Forge is popular for its musical performances, horse antics, mesmerizing special effects, and delicious Southern food. The expansive arena hosting 900 persons comes alive when the lights go down, and the horses take center stage with their jaw-dropping stunts. Watching expert riders divided into North and South teams participate in relay races can awaken you. What a wonder to even see two artists standing on two different horses simultaneously! Besides that, the laser lights, thumping music, and pyrotechnics get you all energized.

Patriotic renditions, along with Dolly singing out the “Color Me America” song loudly, add to the liveliness of the night. The four-course meal deserves a special mention. 

Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud:

When you sign up for the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud show, you can choose to be in the Hatfield or McCoy teams. Depending on the team you are rooting for, you can pick your clan flag from the indoor store.

The infamous rivalry between these two mountain clans dates back to the 1800s, and watching this legendary feud makes you nostalgic about the past times. Also, the clog dancing and bluegrass music before the show are perfect to get you in the mood.

The lavish feast before the show includes various delectable dishes, including mashed taters, barbeque pork, fried chicken, and cornbread.

When you all are done with the food, simply sit back and enjoy the families’ feud amid stunts, singing, dancing, and all things theatrics. What makes the Hatfield & McCoy Dinner Feud among the best dinner shows in Pigeon Forge is that the audience can mingle with the cast members on the stage amidst jokes, dances, lots of chatter, and much laughter.

So, when you want to be transported back to the good old times while yearning to be among mountains with many mouth-watering dishes for you to indulge in, only book your tickets for this show.

Hit Parade – A Jukebox Revue:

Hit Parade’s Jukebox Revue takes you back to the 1950s when rock ‘n’ roll music dominated the scene. This retro dinner theater features vintage jukebox décor and classic tunes playing in the background.

Moreover, you can dig into finger-licking American dishes while watching the show. Shrimp scampi, fried chicken, and prime rib are served as you immerse yourself in the tunes of yore.

The memorable songs of ABBA, The Beach Boys, and Elvis will have you singing and dancing along with the cast. Playful skits at intervals will have your children in splits, too.

Non-stop entertainment and delicious food at Hit Parade make this venue ideal for planning your date night or a family outing.

Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Supper Show

Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Supper Show is counted among the best dinner shows in Pigeon Forge for various reasons. Be it the lumberjack contests, tasty dishes, or comical shows, there’s never a dull moment on this show.

As you enter, the oversized wooden beams attract your attention, giving you a whiff of the times gone by. Sipping Paula’s sweet tea and mingling with the athletes add to the thrill of the show. You can also watch the artists while they prepare for their daring stunts; sure to take a pic for memory’s sake, too.

Grab your seat to watch the hosts work up the crowd as the lumberjack battles rage, displaying their strength and agility.

In between all this fun, you have coleslaw, baked beans, and barbeque sandwiches to gorge upon. Remember to try the cookie served during suppertime. And do not forget to pick a team and whistle when they score a goal – for that’s the fun part.

Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show

If you fancy living the pirate life, then book your ticket for the Pirates Voyage Dinner & Show should be on your list of must-do things. The venue resembles a 15th-century Caribbean village, and a band of pirates welcomes you and makes you feel at home.

You can indulge in scrumptious roasted chicken, sweet biscuits, and cream-filled tomato bisque at the pirate-style feast. You can experience the pirate life when you dine in majestic pirate ships anchored to a glittery lagoon while digging into the tempting dishes with your hands.

Head to the Pirates Voyage at Pigeon Forge whenever you want to have an adventurous time! The limitless entertainment, foot-tapping music, and rich fare make for a super night out with friends and family.

Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery

Are you a fan of conspiracy theories? If yes, then the Great Smoky Mountain Murder Mystery Dinner Show promises you an exciting night out. You will keep guessing who the murderer is until the end, with all characters coming under suspicion. The jealous lover, awkward cowboy, and devious businessman are all murder suspects.

Moreover, the cast members have unusual names, such as Vera Verve and Diamond Jim McSwagger, which will have you laughing throughout the show.

You can even wander about the timber-framed lodge with your cocktail and shake hands with the characters before they enact their respective roles.

You can also have your fill of creamy mashed potatoes and juicy barbeque chicken pieces as you try to piece together the pieces of the murder puzzle. In desserts, you can satisfy your sweet tooth by devouring chocolate pecan pie while you solve the murder mystery with the many clues left behind by the killer.

Summing It Up

So, you now know about the best dinner shows in Pigeon Forge. Depending on whether you are in the mood for comedy, adventure, or mystery, you can book your tickets for the different shows. Plan an evening out at Pigeon Forge to spend time with your loved ones, coupled with a sumptuous feast, thrilling entertainment, and fun galore!